Safety Razor Tips and FAQs

everything you need to know


Our safety razors have a unique, robust, and simplistic design. They are the perfect tool for a close and most importantly smooth shave. However, many men find safety razors to be rather intimidating, not to mention those blades are SHARP!


Never to fear, we have you covered. With a read of this guide, a look at the multitude of benefits as well as a few runs through with the razor, you will never look back at the over-priced cartridge razors that light your face on fire. We promise! 

Let's start with the benefits

A closer shave - First things first, having a quality sharp blade that lies flush with your skin is undoubtedly going to leave a clean and close shave. 

Cost efficient - Treat a safety razor like a long-term investment and it will pay you back ten fold! With our Astra Blades accompanying your shaving experience and a razor that will last you a lifetime, you will save money in the long run and your skin and wallet will thank you for it.

Less drag - Say goodbye to irritated, rough skin. Safety razors are built to glide across your skin, removing even the most coarse and stubborn hair with ease. Once you have the artform down to a T, your hair and only your hair will be cut down to size.

Control & precision - Using a safety razor requires more attention, especially when you are starting out. The benefit of this is you have full control over the process. With a perfectly weighted handle and a sharp blade, you'll be turning off the boring autopilot and engaging in every clean stroke. Your skin is something that requires focus and with a safety razor you will soon look forward to your shaving regiment every few days.

Why we love our razors

We take our motto seriously. Built to last, these shavers will pay back in dividends for years to come. Investing in a quality razor and blades will bring enjoyment, ease and quality into your skincare regiment.

How to video - everything you need to know

Here's the best prep and set video to show you exactly how to load your shaver, prep your skin and shave. Check it out!

Tips and Tricks

Preparation - Prepare your skin and the razor with warm water and a pre-shave cream that moisturizes and softens your skin (we have something for that coming soon!). Just like you would with a cartridge razor, except don't go overboard with shaving cream. Your not trying to look like Santa, as long as your beard area is fully covered you will be ready to rock!

Pull your skin tight - Now that we are into the shave, this is a crucial step for grip, balance, and a shave that glides across your skin. Angle your neck, pull your skin with your free hand and watch as the blades glide effortlessly across your face. Remember to maintain a 30-45 degree angle to correctly engage the blade.

The shave - Shave with the grain to avoid ingrown hairs or accidentally cutting loose skin. Use short and straight strokes, don't forget to reposition each time. If done correctly you should never have to repeat the same stroke again. 

Finishing up - Rinse off your razor, replace your blade, splash your face with cold water and dab dry with a soft towel. Apply moisturiser or a post-shave balm if you have one on hand. Our blades are inexpensive and very easy to replace so don't be afraid to regularly replace the blades. Most guys find replace them after every 4-6 shaves. And that's it! Admire your canvas, enjoy the fresh, smooth feel of your skin and walk away from your sink replenished and ready to begin your day!

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