Based on 22 reviews
Lasts for ages
So hard to find something you aren't always replacing!
Really good
Hope you enjoy the journey!
Really improved my skin
Thanks Zane, so glad you liked them.
So great we both use it
Quick and easy to use
Thank you!
Bought for my boyfriend
Thanks for letting us know!
Feels refreshing
Boyfriend loves it
Glad he was converted!
Dry Skin Kit
Helps to soothe post shave
Really surprised
Scent and texture was good
Happy you enjoy the texture and scent it was hard to get it right!
Skin is definitely smoother
The guys we tested with did not want to spend time scrubbing so we tried to get it on and off as easy as possible :)
Not packed full of aromas
The scent was so hard to get right!
Easy to use
Glad you will use it again.
Bought for my grandson
Thank you!
I noticed an improvement in my skin straight away
So glad you are enjoying them!
I bought this range for my husband
Thanks Connor!
Really improved my skin
Awesome feedback,thank you!
Definitely felt awake
Yes, the caffeine would help with that.
I would definitely recommend
Thanks for the feedback Sammy, glad you enjoyed the set.
Great for problem skin
Stole it from my husband