About us

Our Story

The inspiration for Vault Elements was sparked during my high-school days working at a large department store in Wellington, New Zealand. 

I would often see a guy walk in the door, look around as if they were a bit lost and then ask about where the product range for men was. There in the corner, among a sea of women’s products, were two shelves of the 'complete' men’s range. The guys I talked to left feeling disappointed- there were no products that aligned with their values and they didn't know what product would work for them.  The more I saw this happen, the more I realised that there were some massive gaps in the men's skin care offerings out there.

X Buying skin care was complicated and confusing.

X It was hard to find quality skin care.

X They couldn’t find a brand that was focused on what men wanted and what they valued. 

What happened next

This drove me to create a range made for what real guys want in skin care.

✔ New Zealand Ingredients.

✔ Trust.

✔ Quality.

✔ Simplicity.

At the end of the day, guys took care of their skin because they wanted to feel confident and improve their well-being. Old school tactics of mass marketing and inauthentic products were just not working anymore- guys shelves became dusty as they reverted to soap & water.  

Our Team

Our team is special. It's made up of real guys called Vault Contributors.

We bring them around a table to understand what’s missing in the current offerings and how we can fill that gap for them. Read more here.

We work with recognized skin care experts and formulators in New Zealand that understand our unique, local natural ingredients and men’s skin. We manufacture locally in Nelson, New Zealand.

Our Goal

We are proud of what we have developed, but the kudos really goes to guys like you who have designed these world-class products through being a part of our journey to date. And, it’s just the beginning.

Our goal is to remove the stigma of men looking after themselves- because wellbeing comes from looking after yourself.

Zaynah A

Vault Elements Founder