Top Trending Practical Gifts Guys will Love

Here are the best unique 2020 gifts your boyfriend, dad, brother, or husband (or any guy, really) will actually love. We've handpicked the best to bring you the top 5 that will suit any budget or style- but most importantly they are all practical.

From the active sporty guy, to the professional worker- we've got you covered! 

1. All Birds- Merino Shoes

These awesome shoes dubbed as "the most comfortable shoe on the planet" are made from New Zealand Merino Wool, they can even go in the washing machine and come in a variety of styles and colours 🤤

Price: About $160 available at

2. This Beard Straightener + Hair Smoother

A surprise to us all it is trending on worldwide- this revolutionary straighter will turn any guys look to 100. Don't be fooled by its straighter like presence- this tool has been uniquely designed for men's hair, preventing burns and will protect hair from too much damage. There are loads of these online- but few are made with the quality and consistent heat like this one! 


3. Monthly Sock/Underwear Subscription

The gift that keeps on giving- you can choose shipments of socks or underwear for 3-12 months it'll keep any guy stoked every month! Plus, who says your base layer can't be fun? We loved these star wars ones and just like Yoda said “always pass on what you have learned" so we did 👇

Price: $57 for 3 months available at


4. Coffee Drinkers- Temperature Control Smart Mug 

This one's for all the coffee drinkers out there- a mug which actually stays hot so you don't have to keep reheating it 🤦‍♂️ We've found 2 for both price points- the luxury version "Ember" (right)  is app controlled and sleek and the affordable Cosri one (left) features an awesome LED display. Both feature awesome Amazon reviews! 



Price for ember (right): $129 on Amazon 

Price for Cosri (left): $45.99 on Amazon 

5. Something for everyday shower use

For the guys that spend ages in the shower- this scrub is amazing. Featuring steam activated clay and environmentally exfoliating beads, this one of a kind scrub will leave their skin clear, soft and smelling fresh. Goes on in the shower and is perfect to up any guy's routine. 

 Price: 29.99 shop it at Vault Elements here